How to Delete Wallpaper on iPhone

Have you ever downloaded a wallpaper on your iPhone, only to realize later that it wasn’t what you were looking for? Or maybe you’ve grown tired of your current wallpaper and want to switch things up. Whatever the reason, removing a wallpaper from your iPhone is a simple process that anyone can do. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of deleting a wallpaper on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to your Settings app

To start, go to your iPhone’s home screen and locate the ‘Settings’ app. It’s usually represented by a grey gear icon. Tap on it to open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Select Wallpaper

Once you’re in the Settings menu, scroll down until you see the ‘Wallpaper’ option. Tap on it to open the Wallpaper menu.

Step 3: Choose the Wallpaper to Delete

In the Wallpaper menu, you’ll see all the wallpapers that are currently on your iPhone. Scroll through until you find the wallpaper you want to delete. Once you’ve located it, tap on it to open it.

Step 4: Delete the Wallpaper

With the wallpaper open, you’ll see a few options at the bottom of the screen. One of those options is ‘Delete Wallpaper’. Tap on it to remove the wallpaper from your iPhone.

Step 5: Confirm Your Decision

If you’re sure you want to delete the wallpaper, tap ‘Delete’ on the pop-up confirmation prompt that appears on the screen. With this final step, your old wallpaper will be removed from your iPhone!


In just a few short steps, you can easily delete a wallpaper from your iPhone. While it may seem like a small task, it’s one that can make a big difference in how you use and enjoy your device. With this knowledge in hand, you can now freely experiment with different wallpapers, knowing that deleting them is an effortless process. Have fun exploring the vast array of wallpapers available on the App Store, and don’t be afraid to switch things up every once in a while!

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