Gogoanime alternatives


Hey anime lovers! We understand the struggle of losing our favorite streaming website due to copyright issues. Gogoanime, a beloved streaming platform for anime fans on a budget, has unfortunately been shut down. But don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll share the best Gogoanime alternatives for you to explore.

1. 9anime:

One of the top contenders to Gogoanime is 9anime. It has a vast library of anime content, movies, and TV shows. The user-friendly interface and organized website help with easy navigation. With an active community, you can openly discuss your favorite anime with other fans.

2. Animedao:

Looking for high-quality streaming? Animedao is another website that offers a wide range of anime shows and movies. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access content. What’s more, Animedao incorporates a rating system, making it simpler for fans to find their next favorite show.

3. Crunchyroll:

Want a streaming site entirely dedicated to anime? Crunchyroll is a popular choice. It has strong partnerships with anime producers, offering premieres of new shows. With both free and paid subscription options, you can choose what suits you. It boasts a massive collection of anime shows and movies, making it a great alternative to Gogoanime.

4. AnimePlanet:

Next on our list is AnimePlanet. What sets it apart is the recommendation feature. Unsure of what to watch next? AnimePlanet suggests new shows based on your watched history. The active community is always ready to offer recommendations and participate in discussions about their favorite anime.

5. Funimation:

For all the Dubbed anime lovers, Funimation is an excellent alternative to Gogoanime. Its extensive library includes shows, movies, and OVAs. With a focus on dubbed content, it caters to viewers who prefer dubbed anime. Funimation has a great selection to keep you engaged.

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